East Green Energy is an innovative, eco-technologies based company that helps homeowners conserve energy, save money, live more comfortably, and protect the environment. We provide homeowners in Multi-Layer Reflective Insulation, Solar Attic Fans and other energy saving products.


Why Choose Us?

Simply because we help you become more energy efficient.

Energy efficiency — delivering the same (or more) services for less energy — helps protect the environment. When we use less energy, the less energy we need to generate at power plants, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions and improves the quality of our air.

Energy efficiency helps the economy, too, by saving consumers and businesses millions of dollars in energy costs. Energy efficient solutions can reduce the energy bill for many homeowners and businesses by 20 to 30 percent. (Source: Energy Star, Why Energy Efficiency)

Cut heating and cooling bills substantially.
Save wear and tear on heating and cooling equipment.
Help eliminate hot and cold spots.
Create a comfortable home environment.
Potentially increase resale value of home.
Help preserve the environment.
Help US become less dependent on foreign energy.