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There’s more to being energy efficient than meets the eye. Everything you do to be more “green” is meaningful, but there are surprising ways you can do more.

One starts in about as simple a place as you can think of: the air in your home.

Whether you integrate a cleaning regime into your daily routine or you run around like a headless chicken with a duster in hand for the thirty minutes before company shows up, we all know a cleaner home is a healthier home. And a healthy home is a happy home!

What is the best way to clean your house?

From modern-day Pinterest to more old school articles in Good Housekeeping, there are all kinds of helpful tips and tricks to help keep your home clean. What many of them overlook, however, is the air we breathe.

Thanks to an innovative, new technology, there is a way to continuously clean the air and hard surfaces in your home without so much as lifting a duster.

With a probiotic air and surface purifier like BetterAir from East Green Energy, keeping your home clean really is that simple.

How does a probiotic air purifier work?

It’s time to dust off that thinking cap and return to Chemistry 101, where most of us probably don’t remember the simple truth that all bacteria is not bad bacteria.

In an epic battle between good and evil, probiotics are the good guy and BetterAir is the weapon of choice. The average person is likely familiar with probiotics as the “good bacteria” produced naturally by your body to maintain balance. The microorganisms are also found in food and supplements that may help with digestion and offer protection against potentially harmful bacteria in your system.

Probiotics work the same way in your home. When dispersed throughout your home by a probiotic air purifier, systems like BetterAir from East Green Energy keep the air in your home clean by providing effective and long-lasting residual cleaning of inorganic matter in the air and on surfaces.

What that means for you is a healthier, more comfortable and more energy efficient home, with minimal effort aside from installation.

What are the benefits of probiotic cleaning?

Probiotics are a natural cleaning product that function to purify the air and hard surfaces throughout your home. Like many natural household cleaning products, probiotics are a chemical-free and environmentally friendly choice.

How? Probiotics tackle bad bacteria by starving bad bacteria, ultimately helping reduce dust mites and allergens inside the home in an ecologically friendly way.

Environmental probiotics are safe for humans and pets, including dogs, cats and birds.

And the continuous process of probiotics getting released into the air cleans at a microscopic level, for a deep clean that helps eliminate the bacteria that cause odors.

Want more tips on ways to improve air quality in your home?

At East Green Energy, we seek to save you money by cutting down on wear and tear, eliminating extreme heat or cold in your home and creating a more comfortable place to lie your head each night.

All the while, we aim to simultaneously do our part to preserve the environment and help our country become less dependent on foreign energy.

How do we accomplish these things? By remembering that home is where your story begins.

We are here to help, so contact us today for more information about our probiotic air and surface purifier to see how your story can have an even happier ending.